Call for Papers

Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association are inviting you to contribute to the success of the largest international scientific and professional symposium of gas experts in South Eastern Europe which will be held on 3rd till 5th of May, 2017 in the Congress Centre of the Grand Hotel Adriatic, in Opatija, Croatia.

Three-day international gas conference and exhibition will for the 32nd time gather about 600 distinguished gas and energy experts and managers from about 230 gas companies and institutions, about 45 exhibitors from 20 and more countries who will discuss the current gas and energy topics.


  1. Invited presentations and panel discussions:
    The Future of Energy Ranging from a Low-Carbon Strategy and 

    Secure Supply to Environmental Protection and Economic


  2. Aspects of a Future Energy Strategy and Distributed Energy 

  3. Development of the Croatian Gas Infrastructure (Gas Pipelines, 
    Compressor Stations, Gas Storages and the LNG Terminal)

  4. Gas Utilisation and Reduction of CO2 Emissions
  5. The Scope of the Croatian Gas Infrastructure (Istria, Croatian 
    Coastal Region  and Dalmatia)

  6. Introductory Talks and a Panel Discussion: 
    Supplying Gas in a Fully Liberalized Gas Market and the 

    Consolidation of Gas Suppliers

  7. The Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Gas Networks 

    Operating at Different Pressures

  8. Liquefied Gases and Transport (Maritime, Road and Air)
  9. Gas Meters, Inaccurate Metering and Network Losses
  10. Regulations and Rules of the Profession for Safe and Efficient 
    Gas Utilisation

  11. A Poster Session from Various Fields of the Energy Industry

As an author of the Scientific and Professional Paper (oral presentation)
    • As an author of the Scientific and Professional Paper (poster session)
    • As an Author of the Round table (technical-commercial presentation).

All authors and co-authors have to pay registration fee in the amount of 360 €. 

Organization of poster session is possible.

If the Paper is focused on commercial or promotional issues it will be directed to Round table presentation (technical-commercial presentation) which is charged by a special price.

Round table Order Form (pdf)

Inolvement of specific topic in the final program, as well as the sequence of the topics, will depend on the quality and number of accepted papers. Selection of Papers will be based on a review of summaries by a special Croatian Gas Association Working group.

 We kindly ask all the authors to submit the following no later than 20th of December 2016:
• Title of the Paper
    • Full author’s name (full name of the principal author)
    • Full co-author(s) name(s)
    • Full name of the presenter of the Paper
    • Company name, adress, telephone number, fax number, author’s e-mail
    • Company name, adress, telephone number, fax number, co-authors
      e-mail adress
    • Tittle of the Paper in English
    • Extended text summary in English (1 page text)
    • Keywords in English. 

    • Title and summary submission: December 20th 2016
Notification to authors about acceptance of the Paper: January 20th 2017
Final Paper submission: February 20th 2017
Powerpoint presentation submission: March 20th 2017

PAPER REGISTRATION is possible here.

For more information kindly contact Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association:
    • e-mail or
phone +385 1 6189-590.